Investigating Dispassion (Ajahn Pasanno)


Ajahn Pasanno




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Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, USA.


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Album : Winter Retreat 2005

  1. 400 Ducats


  1. Developing the Good Heart


  1. Doors to the Deathless


  1. Give Our Self a Break


  1. Keys to Cell


  1. Looking for the Sweet One


  1. Magha Puja – Purify the heart


  1. Patience and Steadfastness


  1. Right Solution for the Right Problem


  1. Sense Gratification – What a Scam


  1. Simplification


  1. The Simile of Ducks and Chickens


  1. There Must Be Some Way out of Here


  1. Through the lens of Suffering


  1. Unraveling Suffering



Investigating Dispassion (Ajahn Pasanno)